Core Matrix Programs Include Manifestation, Career, Health & Fitness, Romance, and Mental health


Do you struggle to manifest your true desires? Are you always thinking there's never enough?Most people think they will never have what they truly want, A life they love with all the bonuses. Let's deep dive into the reasons this has never happened and clear all the barriers to your true happiness 


Tired of being alone and wondering where the perfect mate is for you. Your not alone. The dating scene can be a huge let down and waste of time. Attracting people who only want one thing your not ready to give up for love. Let's transform all timelines to bring in unconditional love for you.


Tired of dead end jobs that don't lead to fulfillment. You get passed up for promotions and overlooked for shifts within the company. Your not alone, many people feel like they have hit a dead end in their current career. Let's quantum shift you into a dream job you love .

Health & Fitness Body Image

This program is for people who feel like they needs to shift the body structure and how you view yourself. We can be the toughest critic when it comes to hwo we view our body. We can also feel the effects from a family memner or partner. Being teased and judged, to the point that you become a shell of yourself. YOur not broe, your beautiful and ready to shine. let's shift not only your body but your mind too. Time to heal and transform.

Mental Health

Mental Health has played a big role the past 2 years. People feel trapped, isolated from friends and family members. Some have been judged for decisions they have made. This healing is designed to help release stress, think about how you view things and do a deep dive healing over the course of 8 weeks. The shift will me monumental  to reintroducing you to you.

You will be able to purchase this section after the launch.

This program is a beta launch. Each Core Matrix will be at minimum 8 weeks. It will be recorded and put into the library. The Scheduled Q and A will be live over zoom so everyone can attend if they choose. You may purchase 1:1 coaching sessions as an addon for an additional fee. YOu will get access to the videos after the launch is over .

If you purchase one of the core matix you will get the mental health class for free. this is only for the beta launch. 

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Akashic Records Level 1& 2


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